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We are SO excited to bring to you a 2-day LIVE immersive training experience that is set to develop your coaching & communication skills and take it to the NEXT LEVEL!

Our training is set to focus on effective performance + productivity coaching conversations that can support each industry / business.

TOGETHER - let's cultivate a culture of resilience & success through effective coaching conversations.


  • Blueprint of Success Coaching Conversation Structure

  • Solid coaching skills with applied practice

  • Master effective communication + emotional intelligence

  • Gain experience in coaching clients

  • Establish a coaching practice and create a new business

  • Integrate a coaching culture in your team/organization

Learning Content

Success Coaching Conversation

Learn the art & science of meaningful coaching conversations including the process & structure of a coaching session and the 6 key competency markers of coaching

Mastering Rapport

Tackles how to build coaching relationships on truth, openness and trust to get the most out of each coaching session. How to support people to find their own creative solutions through a non-judgement mindset.

The Gift Of Listening

What’s important is not just what we’re listening to, it’s what we’re listening for. Listening is key to effective communication. Learn the different levels of listening.

The Power Of A Question

What does a great question look like? Learn when to ask and how to structure a powerful question to remove barriers, unlock hidden information and surface insights that can shift perspectives.

Keys To Giving Feedback

How to give supportive feedback as a way of learning. Effective feedback can accelerate an individual’s learning, inspire, motivate, help them feel valued and literally catapult them into action!

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Is the skill of perceiving, understanding, and managing one’s own emotions and feelings and using that awareness to manage ourselves within various relationships and settings. Here our learning objective is how to coach individuals to be self-aware, self-managing and self-motivated.

Program Structure 

  • 2 Day LIVE Workshop (9am-6pm)

  • Student Kit + Workbook

  • Peer Mastermind Support Group

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About Coach Gina

For over 30 years, Coach Gina Katigbak has a proven track record in Business development,  Sales, and Direct Marketing Management, as well as training and development for different brands and ventures.


She is currently an Assistant Vice-President for Leasing Strategy & Operations for Shopping Center Management Corporation. 

She is a Certified Life Coach, as well as a Business and Leadership Coach, An Emotional Intelligence Coach, Transformative NLP Coach Counsellor and Meditation Teacher. She has gained her coaching accreditations from ICF & ASC and continues her learning journey for life.

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